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The other day, I saw CryptoQF tweet that his goal was to make the best and most free educational content.

Being the nerd that I am — I figured, why not make a page surrounding Crypto Quantamental’s content, and make it easier to navigate? I’ll be taking notes on his videos that can live in this repository, too.

Looking at his Youtube Channel I see there are a dozen playlists.

Where there is related content at his blog I’ll add a link by the video.


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Crypto-Quant Model

  • docs.google.com - Crypto Quantamental (@CryptoQF) Coin Selection Model

    “Important Disclaimer: This model is not designed to determine whether the crypto market will rise or fall. It is not designed to select coins that will have the most positive returns or identify coins with negative returns. It is designed to identify the coins that have the greatest chances of outperforming and the coins with the greatest chances of underperforming. Outperforming and underperforming is relative to the crypto universe. Therefore if the average crypto coin is up 1000% the dark green coins, in aggregate, would be attempting to beat that. If the average coin is down 50%, the dark green coins will be trying to beat that. This is not financial advice. This is merely my personal model, and I am sharing how I utilize it.”

Quant Model Videos:

You’ve seen the shared doc, here’s some videos to accompany it.

Youtube Playlists

I took some liberty by not including the same video in more than one section and combining some playlists, as some of the videos are found on multiple playlists. The point is to easily browse what titles are available, and I’ll likely create my own way to organize them later.

Risk Management Education

Foundational Education to Investing and Trading

Technical Analysis Education \ Hands on Education


Binance for Beginners

Binance for Beginners - publish0x

Cryptocurrency Exchange Reviews

Daily Updates

I’m sure there’s some good stuff in there, but I am not going to detail each item for now I have what I want.